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Cork may benefit the ageing of wine

As previously reported by the drinks business, cork may benefit the ageing of wine through the release of phenolics and volatiles from the structure of the closure, which comes from the bark of...


Retail Wine Buyers Uncorked

Experienced off-premise buyers share the secrets of wine packaging that sells.  Read more here......


Trial plantation to slash cork growing times

Amorim, the world’s largest cork producer, is to take part in a trial cork tree plantation in Portugal that will cut growing times by 15 years.  Click here to read more......


The Latest: Pennsylvania Lawmakers Vote to Expand Wine Sales

A bill to let groceries and other outlets sell wine and to make other changes to Pennsylvania's highly controlled system of alcohol sales is on its way to the desk of Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf.  ...


Union Wine Co. gears up for 200,000 cases, adds former King Estate VP

SHERWOOD, Ore. – Union Wine Co., one of the Oregon wine industry’s largest and fastest-growing operations, has hired a West Coast executive tasked with extending the global reach of the brand. Rick Durette, who spent two...


6 Surprising Wine Facts – A great post from the Noontime Labels Blog

Wine may be a complex topic, but home winemakers are pretty knowledgeable when it comes to fermented grapes. And we always love to learn more. ThatÔÇÖs why we wanted to…

Virginia Wine

Virginians have made wine for more than four centuries. The Appalachian Plateau, the Appalachian Ridge and Valley Region, the Blue Ridge, the Piedmont, and the Atlantic Coastal Plain all…


The ‘Coravin’ – Have You Tried it?

Have you tried the new wine gadget selling for just under $300 called 'Coravin'? It claims to allow wine to be tasted multiple times from the same bottle without ever…


Potomac Point Winery

Award winning wine, only 45 minutes from Washington, DC can be found at Potomac Point Winery. This vineyard offers wine tasting, facility tours and a full bistro serving lunch and…

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